Emil Dahl

Emil Dahl






2018 年に初めて来日し、開催された彼のステージは観客たちの度肝を抜き、日本に新たなパフォーマンスの概念を届けました。





This is ring juggling as you've never seen it before! Get prepared to get your mind expanded, as the circle is revealed anew in front of your eyes. With outstanding body control and an eye for details HOLY presents unprecedented balance juggling. By utilizing custom made techniques and modern aestethics, Emil Dahl balances rings to create new shapes and shows all the possible ways to balance rings.

HOLY is the result of five years research of the circle through a jugglers eyes. The simplified scenography concists of nothing but the essential: a square on the floor, a pedestal, a glass of water and nine rings. This simplicity allows you to see the juggling in its purest form. Working together with some outstanding artists with a unique understanding of juggling, this tasteful composition will give you a unique experience and forever change how you perceive juggling!






HOLY at Maison de Jonglage - Paris, France

HOLY at Teater Sláva - Huddinge, Sweden



HOLY tour, Umeå - Kramfors - Vilhelmina - Härnösand, Sweden

TIMBER at Skomakeri Framåt 100 year anniversert - Stockholm, Sweden

HOLY at Cinars - Montreal, Canada

HOLY at Järfälla kulturscen - Järfälla, Sweden



HOLY at Sundsvalls theater - Sundsvall, Sweden

HOLY at Object festival in Cirko - Helsinki, Finland

HOLY at Festival International Solos - Povoa de Varzim, Portugal

HOLY at the yearly circus month - Norrköping, Sweden

HOLY at Helium Festival - Vilnius, Lithuania



Premiere of HOLY at Kristofferscenen - Stockholm, Sweden

AROUND in GOP show 'Impulse', 65 shows - Hannover, Germany



AROUND in GOP show "Impulse", 125 shows - Bonn, Germany



AROUND extended at 20th edition of Japan Juggling Festival - Tokyo, Japan

AROUND at Melbourne Juggling Convention - Melbourne, Australia

AROUND at European Juggling Convention - Azores, Portugal

Walk AROUND for Eos Karlsson Production at Epicenter - Stockholm, Sweden

 Creator and artist of juggling act at One Night for One Drop med Cirque du Soleil- Las Vegas, USA